Applications of the ozone equipment in vehicles of any kind

In order to achieve a permanent odor removal, it is important to eliminate the bad odor sources BEFORE the Ozone treatment begins. Emptying ashtrays and vacuuming the furniture and rooms from dog hair should be performed. So the vehicle must be intensely cleaned before you start working with the ozone Equipment in the interior. Depending on the size of the vehicle and the odor intensity, the treatment time must be determined. Also dependent on the intensity of the odor flooding the vehicle repeatedly with ozone might be necessary.

Fifteen minutes before the end of the treatment time, the air conditioning of the vehicle should be turned on. This will destroy bacteria, germs and fungal spores (mold) in the ventilation system.

As the remains of Ozone is only oxygen, the interior of the vehicle must not be cleaned again after the Ozone treatment. After ventilating the vehicle vigorously, you are ready!

No residue such as dust, powders or greasy films are remaining.

We also offer our Ozone generators for private areas to rent. If you are planning to sell your “smoker” or "doggy smelling" vehicle, and you do not want to scare off a potential buyer already when to us. We will have a suitable answer to almost any  question.

Eliminating odors in the household

Odors are unpleasant and tenacious. They mostly resist successfully to all attempts to eliminate them. The smell is hanging in the curtains, the sofa, in the wallpaper, just anyplace and everywhere.

Here the Ozone-generators  do a great job. Within the shortest period of time the molecules of the smell are broken down and eliminated.

Highly contaminated rooms can be fully refurbished with our Sanitization unit. All stubborn molecules in the room will be thoroughly eliminated. Sofas, curtains and carpets, in short: all subjects located in the rooms will be permanently freed from the bad odors.

Permanent elimination of germs, viruses and bacteria in the room air

Germs are a natural part of our environment. The family of microorganisms is infinitely diverse.

Usually we use for removal of germs, fungi, spores etc. special cleaning agents with disinfecting potential. These disinfectant cleaners work with a concentrated amount of chemistry. The active substances are aggressive and only to a limited grade compatible to the surface.

In a household with children and / or animals, the use of aggressive chemicals is always a matter of serious consideration.

The alternative is Ozone. It frees the living area in a natural way of germs, viruses and bacteria and creates a healthy, fresh room climate, guaranteed without chemicals.

Ozone treatment for mold-infested buildings

Molds are setting free millions of tiny spores for their propagation; they contaminate the air and they are getting inhaled. A wide variety of diseases are therefore stimulated and caused. Because of the variability of their specific nature and various symptoms, they are difficult to be diagnosed.

  • Allergies (molds are the third most common allergens after pollen and mites)

  • Respiratory diseases (cough, running nose, inflammation of the sinuses)

  • Inflammation of the eyes and irritations of the mucous membranes

  • Headaches

  • Poisonings

  • Infections

To remove mold effectively, it is important to find the cause of the outbreak and to eliminate the source of moisture. As long as the fungus is not detached from its fertile breeding ground, recurrent infections must be taken always in consideration.

After the moisture source is detected and eliminated, a drying of the premises aided by special equipment can take place. A room dryer, may be rented from us. If the damage is only little it is often sufficient to raise the room temperature to dry out the affected areas.

Now the Ozone generator is comes into operation. The Ozone destroys the mold in the walls as well as the spores. Musty odors are neutralized and the room is habitable again in a short period of time. After the Ozone sanitization no further health problems originated by mold,  need  to be afraid of.