Ozone can achieve a lot. Odors, regardless of their source are eliminated reliably and forever. Fungi (molds and fungus of the skin) as well as their spores will be inactivated within a short period, nicotine and fire odors are neutralized and allergens from air will be removed. What is remaining is pure, fresh air!

Ozone may be the disinfection medium of the future!

What is Ozone

Ozone is a natural component of the air. It forms when the UV-C radiation of the sunlight in the stratosphere collides with the oxygen molecules (O²) and is splitting them into oxygen atoms (O). The oxygen atoms merge then with other oxygen molecules (O²). The result is Ozone (O³).

In the atmosphere Ozone can also form in other ways. We all have heard of the smog and the resulting Ozone pollution. Near the Earth, Ozone is originated by a reaction between nitrogen dioxide NO² (mostly from automotive or industrial exhaust gases). an oxygen O² under the influence of UV-radiation.

During thunderstorms, lightning flashes originating from electrical discharge create Ozone when they meet the oxygen of the air.

Ozone at a concentration of 40µ/m³ is perceived pungent and malodorous, reminding to garlic. The name Ozone comes from the Greek word "ozein" which means "smelling".

How does ozone work?

Ozone is also referred to as active oxygen. It tends to react with other substances by attaching its third oxygen atom to the other substances, and oxidizes them. Ozone (O³) loses an oxygen atom (O) an an oxygen molecule (O²) is remaining. Substances like nicotine, bacteria, viruses, fungi and odor molecules are inactivated or destroyed by this oxidation process.


  • Renovation, reconstruction and cleaning of vehicles like boats, cars caravans etc.

  • Ceconstructions and renovations of houses or apartments after a fire

  • Mold removal in vehicles and houses

  • Elimination of all odors in a household

  • Destroying germs, viruses and bacteria in the air

The advantages of ozone

  • Tests have shown that 99,99 % of all bacteria are killed by ozone

  • Ozone kills bacteria in the air and on surfaces, including E. coli, Legionella, Listeria and Salmonella, viruses, mold and yeasts

  • Being in gaseous molecule ozone is disinfecting all difficult accessible areas

  • Ozone is a cleaning as well as a deodorizing agent

  • It eliminates all unpleasant odors as from cigarette smoke, food odors or odors from pets, etc.

  • No need of expensive or harmful chemicals

  • Its turning back into harmless oxygen

  • Ozone generators may be adjusted according the intensity of the odors to be eliminated

Our ozone generators can be rented!!!


In rooms with high humidity such as basements, mold-infested rooms etc., we also offer adsorption - in-room dryers for renting. We are renting professional portable equipment from Seibu Giken.