Other applications

  • Ships and boats, Anti-fouling removal, upholstery cleaning, engine cleaning.

  • All industrial areas, plastic, print, chemical, electric, car, clothing and food processing industries

  • Machine, metal and engine construction, CNC machines, precision machinery, engines, automation, conveyor belts, chain drives.

  • Paint, washing, extraction and air conditioning installations like large kitchens, hangar air conditioning, etc...

  • Large bakeries and kitchens

  • Building, street and facade cleaning like wood, stone, plastic and metal facades

  • Graffiti, chewing gum, Polystyrol, insulation, asbestos, under floor protection, silicone and rubber, paint and colour removal

  • Upholstery and carpet cleaning

  • Tank and pipe cleaning

  • Classic vehicle restoration like tractors, ships, boats, cars, aircraft

  • After-fire restoration (efficient soot removal)

  • Pest control

If you have questions about any other applications, please call us.