Dry-Ice cleaning is a pressurized air process, where dry ice is used as the blasting medium. We use this process for surface cleaning. The dry-ice-blasting equipment accelerates the ice crystals up to 300 m/sec.

As the crystals (-78,5°C) hit the dirt to be cleaned, a local thermical shock takes place. The difference in temperature of up to 100ºC leads to contraction of the dirt or residue, which in turn becomes stiff and brittle. The following dry-ice pellets penetrate the cracks and liberate their energy, blasting away the dirt.

The advantage of dry ice is that it immediately change from solid to gas state (sulimates) and expands its volume 700-fold.

The underlying surfaces are not damaged by abrasion. Dry ice is very soft, having a hardness of only 2 MoH´s.