Boats and Yachts

Ideally your boat is taken out of the water at the end of every season to be cleaned. Apart from the environmental factors, algae, molluscs and other things adhere to the boat. This requires costly, manual labour to clean the boat and then grind it. (Sandblasted or brushed.).

The necessary usage of water, sand and chemicals required  to remove the dirtis a costly process.

This conventional way of cleaning is hazardous to the environment. Using dry-ice blasting this is no longer the case.

As an alternative to the conventional cleaning, dry-ice blasting is an affordable and gentle method. Dry ice cleaning is environmentally friendly, time-efficient and cost saving. All surfaces on a yacht can be cleaned, the cleaning process is dry, without chemicals and germ-free.

The main advantage of this blasting technique is that the cleaned surface can be re-painted with primer and antifouling immediately after cleaning. The interior of your boat can also be cleaned using this technique. The result is a germ and chemical-free surface, a big advantage for people with allergies. You may use the cabin immerdiately after cleaning.

Areas with difficult access like transmissions or sensitive components like engine, hydraulic pistons or joints, who had to be cleaned separately up to now, Dry-ice blasting simplifies the procedure, makeing it fast and clean, since the cleaning medium is not conductive.


  • Non-abrasive, non-damaging

  • No secondary waste

  • Environmentally safe process

  • Fast