grotamar 82

grotamar® 82 is a liquid biocide with a broad, balanced spectrum of efficacy against all types of microorganisms. It rapidly kills and controls all microbial contamination and does not alter the properties of the fuel. grotamar® 82 prevents fuel degradation by microorganisms and associated corrosion and sludge formation.


  • Fast bactericide and fungicide efficacy (inkl. sulphate-reducing bacteria)

  • Enhances anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties

  • Provides exellent long-term protection against microbial material degradation

  • Contains no organically bound chlorine

  • Excellent soluble in biodiesel, diesel fuel and heating oil with biogenic compounds


Drain any water or sludge from the tank as thoroughly as possible and then add grotamar® 82 directly. It is not necessary to dissolve grotamar® 82 before adding it and no further mixing is required. grotamar® 82 disperses quickly and evenly in the fuel. The dosage must be based on the total volume of fuel to be treated.

If operational problems, such as filter blockage, have been experienced or when fuel is visibly contaminated, we recommend shock dosing. For effective remediation of the tank, a preventative dose should be added at the next fuelling following the shock dosing. After adding grotamar® 82, dead microorganisms may clog the fuel filter and additional filter changes may be required. If biomass has accumulated on the tank floor or is adhered to the tank walls, the fuel system (tank, pipes, filters) should be cleaned before treatment with grotamar® 82. This will minimise the chance of recontamination. Underdosing must be avoided! Product should only be used in places with good ventilation. Direct inhalation has to be avoided.

Do you need more information about diesel bugs and how to treat contaminated fuel? Please call us!

grotamar® 82 is available in following package sizes: 200ml, 1L, 10L, 200L, 1000L.